Normally, the abdomen contains a small amount of fluid. However, in certain conditions, excess fluid can accumulate in the abdomen. This fluid can be removed using a procedure called paracentesis. During the procedure, a needle is inserted through the abdominal wall into the peritoneal cavity. Fluid can then be removed and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

What to Expect?

You will be taken to our interventional suite where you will receive a local anesthetic. A needle is then inserted into the abdomen, and the fluid is removed using a syringe. You may feel a stinging sensation from the anesthetic and/or pressure as the needle is inserted. Following the procedure, a dressing is applied to the puncture site, and you will be monitored by a nurse in the recovery room for a period of time.

Patient Preparation

Please inform the nurse if you have any allergies to medications or anesthesia, have bleeding problems, or might be pregnant.